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Name Affiliation Country
Haapanen, Mika University of Jyvaskyla Finland
Haas, Astrid International Growth Centre Uganda
Habib, Elfathaoui Ibn Zohr University Morocco
Haiyang, Kong University of Connecticut USA
Halket, Jonathan Mays Business School - Texas A&M University USA
Hall, Jonathan University of Toronto Canada
Haller, Peter Institute for Employment Research (IAB) Germany
Hamaguchi, Nobuaki Kobe University Japan
Han, Lu University of Toronto Canada
Handbury, Jessie The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania US
Hanes, Rebecca Portland State University United States
Hanlon, Walker NYU Stern School of Business USA
Hansen, Maria Juul University of Copenhagen Denmark
Hanson, Andrew University of Illinois at Chicago USA
Harari, Mariaflavia (Nina) University of Pennsylvania USA
Hardman, Anna Tufts University, Department of Economics USA
Harjunen, Oskari Aalto University Finland
Harman, Oliver Cities that Work, International Growth Centre, University of Oxford United Kingdom
Hartley, Daniel Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago USA
Hartwick, John Queen's University Canada
Hasan, Syed Lahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan
HASSANI, Ahmad PhD Student, Department of Economics and Business Economics, Aarhus University Denmark
Hassink, Wolter University of Utrecht Netherlands
Haughwout, Andrew F. Federal Reserve Bank of New York USA
Haupt, Alexander University of Plymouth UK
Haurin, Donald Ohio State University USA
Hausman, Naomi Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel
Hawley, Zack Georgia State University USA
Hawley, Zackary Texas Christian University USA
Hayashiyama, Yasuhisa Tohoku University Japan
Hchman, Oded Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva Israel
He, Qian United States
He, Yiming Stanford University USA
He, Zijian Yale University
Head, Keith University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business Canada
Heblich, Stephan University of Toronto Canada
Hedtrich, Christoph Uppsala University Sweden
Hegerty, Scott Northeastern Illinois University USA
Heider, Bastian TU Dortmund, School of Spatial Planning Germany
Heider, Bastian TU Dortmund University, School of Spatial Planning Deutschland
Heikkila, Eric University of Southern California USA
Heilmann, Kilian UCSD United States
Helliwell, John F. University of British Columbia Canada
Hellwig, Vanessa TU Dortmund Germany
Helm, Ines Stockholm University Sweden
Helsley, Robert University of California, Berkeley USA
HEMET, Camille Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB), University of Barcelona Spain
Henderson, Vernon London School of Economics and NBER UK
Hendrich, Tijl CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis Netherlands
Hener, Timo Aarhus University Denmark
Hering, Laura Erasmus School of Economics The Netherlands
Herrera, Juan University of California, San Diego United States
Herrera Catalan, Pedro LSE UK
Herzog, Ian University of Toronto Canada
Hewings, Geoffrey University of Illinois USA
Hickey, Ross University of British Columbia Okanagan Canada
Higgins, Brian Stanford University USA
Hilber, Christian London School of Economics UK
Hirte, Georg Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden Germany
Hite, Diane Auburn University USA
Ho, Matthew Infrastructure Australia Australia
Hoffmann Pham, Katherine New York University, Stern School of Business United States
Holian, Matthew San Jose State University USA
Holl, Adelheid CSIC Spain
Hollenstein, Alice University of Zurich Switzerland
Holmes, Thomas University of Minnesota USA
Hood, Kyle US Bureau of Economic Analysis USA
Horan, David Oxford Brookes University United Kingdom
Hottman, Colin Federal Reserve Board USA
Hou, Yuting Singapore University of Technology and Design Singapore
Howell, Anthony Peking University China
Hoyt, William University of Kentucky United States
Hsu, Wen-Tai Singapore Management University Singapore
Hu, Wanyang UCLA USA
Hu, Weiyan Huazhong Agricultural University China
Hu, Yan Cemfi Spain
Hua, Yue Hunan University China
Huang, Elle City University of Macau China
Huang, Naqun Singapore Management University Singapore
Human, McKenzie United States
Humphreys, Brad West Virginia University United States
Humphries, John Eric Yale University USA
Huntley, Eric University of Michigan United States
Hurtado, Carlos University of Richmond United States
Hwang, Hong National Taiwan University Taiwan
Hwang, Seok-Joon Kyungpook National University Republic of Korea (South)
Hyman, Benjamin Federal Reserve Bank of New York United States

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