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Name Affiliation Country
Zabel, Jeffrey Tufts University USA
Zabunov, Georgi University of National and World Economy Bulgaria
Zacchia, Paolo IMT Lucca Italy
Zanazanian, Andy University of California, Irvine USA
Zanella, Giulio University of Siena Italy
Zasina, Jakub University of Lodz Poland
Zax, Jeffrey University of Colorado at Boulder USA
Zeng, Bingcong Land Registry Hong Kong
Zeng, Dao-Zhi Tohoku University Japan
Zenou, Yves Monash University Australia
Zhang, Alice Tianbo Columbia University United States
Zhang, Ivy The City of Calgary Canada
Zhang, Junfu Clark University USA
Zhang, Lei North Dakota State University US
Zhang, Qinghua Beijing University China
Zhang, Ruda University of Southern California United States
Zhang, Sisi Jinan University China
Zhang, Xing Quan UN-HABITAT Kenya
Zhang, Xun Beijing Normal University China
Zhang, Ziwei Harvard University GSAS United States
Zhao, Bo Federal Reserve Bank of Boston USA
Zhao, Daxuan Renmin University of China China
Zhao, Rui University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA
Zhao, Weihua University of Louisville United States
Zheng, Liang Central University of Finance and Economics China
Zheng, Siqi MIT USA
Zhong, Haotian Texas A&M United States
Zhou, Sheng National University of Singapore Singapore
Zhou, Tingyu Florida State University USA
Zikpi, Yao Lolo Université Laval Canada
Zimmerman, Mary Beth Federal Highway Administration United States
Ziv, Oren Michigan State University
Zofio, Jose L. Universidad Autonoma de Madrid Spain
Zorn, Peter Freddie Mac USA
Zuend, Daniel ETH Zurich Switzerland

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